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I have had extensive training over 20 years.   Hire someone with a proven track record.  The longer a Massage Therapist has a licensed ongoing practice, the higher level of expertise that they bring to your treatment .

We will discuss your treatment goals, to provide you a personal customized massage session.

 I work with a variety of people seeking to improve performance and/or to reduce and eliminate pain caused by soft tissue imbalance and inflammation.

Many clients just want a relaxing massage.  I will come to your home with everything to provide you a convenient, relaxing, Spa Level massage.  No need to navigate the traffic.


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 Before I moved to Florida I worked with an Olympic Marathoner and Olympic Diver for 8 years. 

I provided pre-race and post-race massage for the 100th running of the Boston Marathon.

I was hired by a major hotel to retrain all 30 therapists in their spa.


DJ L. July 21, 2017

 Jim was very knowledgeable &a his expertise speaks volumes. He gave me tips I can do myself to feel better daily. We'll definitely be seeing him often.

Judy D. September 23, 1917

 You will be lucky to have the service of this  specialist. Once your book him you will want him all the time. 

Nuria P.  September 15,2017

He is the best therapist I have ever met. I have had sciatica and he took the pain away. I have fibromyalgia and he is the muscle pain right away. Also, I have arthritis in my lower back. He took care of that too. Is the best and he comes once a week . I can't live without him.

Tracy January 26, 2017

After breaking my leg and spending 6 weeks in a wheelchair, I met Jim. He has changed my life and is absolutely great. I have never had someone work on my body that knows the body like he does. A great man, thanks for all your help! He goes above and beyond the call of duty. Thank you Jim


Eleanor  December 7, 2016

Jim, thank you for placing your highly skillful hands on me.  Much like your other devoted clients, I say

"I am going to call you my body mechanic from now on"


Dana C. August 20, 2016 

 Jim was prompt, took time to talk to us about our needs, was very professional as well as knowledgeable, had a very comfortable table and we were pleased. My husband was so relaxed that he fell asleep! 

 Regina D. July 22, 2016 

 I have found a massage therapist for the rest of my life!  Jim is an outstanding massage therapist!  He's an amazing person with a passion for helping people feel their best all the while explaining and teaching as he works through your body's issues.

 You will not be disappointed with Jim as your massage therapist! 

Julia C. February 4, 2016

 Jim was not only professional but extremely knowledgeable. Out of all the years that I have had different massages Kansas, North Carolina, Florida he was absolutely the best hands down. After a brief tell of problems and symptoms, he knew exactly what to do to relieve not only massive headaches I have been having but also sciatic issues. He worked my muscles without me feeling like I've been beat by a 2 x 4 and the results were astounding. The positive energy he expelled was amazing. This man is a healer in all senses of the word. I would recommend him every day of the week and twice on Sunday. 

Gina G. June 12, 2016

 One of the best massages I've ever had. Jim has profound knowledge and skills. Highly recommended!

Dub W. July 25, 2015

 Jim was able to get those knots in the fine muscles in my neck and back to loosen up. It relieved my pain and got rid of my headache. I have had numerous spinal surgeries/fusions in my lower back and neck. He discussed in detail what my problems were and how we would address them. I will definitely schedule with him again and highly recommend his services.

Trish R. July 1, 2015

 Very knowledgeable,  professional and kind. I will use his services again. Thanks Jim, Trish 

Deborah M. March 3, 2015

 Jim has amazingly skilled, effective, intuitive and professional touch. I highly recommend his massage, and I've been a massage therapist myself for 25 years. 

Amy B. Feb 5, 2015

 I am a regular monthly customer of Jim's.  Due to my hairdressing profession, I suffer from chronic back and neck issues. More recently, adding tennis elbow to that list.  Jim's therapeutic massage expertise relieves any pain I might have, keeping my issues at bay, and manageable. Since I have started seeing Jim several years ago, I no longer have to make monthly trips to the chiropractor. Jim makes massage comfortable, easy, and convenient by coming to you! I highly recommend him to all!

Cindy L. February 4,2015

 Jim arrived on time, set  everything up quickly, and then began his assessment to get a good understanding of my personal reasons for needing a massage. This allowed him to personalize therapy to my needs and focus on my problem areas. He provided a great balance of education and therapy and left me feeling completely relaxed and armed with the new awareness  of ways to help myself in between massages. Jim was totally professional and I would highly recommend him to anyone experiencing pain, or needing a relaxing massage, or both!

Cynthia G. January 14,2015

 I was having pain in my back that I thought was structural. Jim was able to pinpoint the muscles in my hips, then help me stretch them to alleviate the pain. He then gave me some stretching to do at home to keep the pain from coming back. I do not hesitate to call Jim to help with any muscle pains I have. He is amazing!!  He is very patient, considerate and respectful. I have had him work on my family members as well. I highly recommend him.